Orchards HIIT

Club Loveland at Orchards is a beautiful 30,000 SQ FT gym located in Northern Colorado. Sport & Fitness designed, procured, and installed the turf flooring and equipment for their new high intensity interval area (HIIT)

Highlights: Activ Turf Pro flooring | Throwdown FXD Benches, Super Sled, Free weights | Stairmaster HIIT bike, Boxmaster | TRX 14′ Double Bridge, Strength Bays and Kevlar Accessories | Versaclimber | Total Gym Elevate | Escape TIYR | Terracore

SALES: Ryan Conover, Business Development Manager
Fitness Amenity Designer: Ryan Conover Sport & Fitness

Location: Loveland, CO

Type: Health Club, Gym

Year: 2021