Parc Mosaic

Parc Mosaic is a beautiful multifamily complex located in Boulder, CO a few miles from the University of Colorado. The fitness center in on three different levels and also includes a 30′ climbing wall. Level 1 is cardio with Star Trac, Stairmaster, Jacob’s Ladder, Shwinn, and Concept 2. Level 2 is strength with Nautilus, TRX, and TKO machines and free weights. The basement level is the training facility which features boxing, a Woodway Curve, Wahoo bike trainers, Versaclimber, and Peloton bikes. Sport & Fitness designed, supplied, and installed this one of a kind fitness center in late 2019!

SALES: Ryan Conover, Business Development Manager
Fitness Amenity Designer: Ryan Conover Sport & Fitness

Location: Boulder, CO

Type: Multifamily Fitness Amenity

Year: 2019